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Westwind Corkscrew Mine

Westwind Corkscrew Mine proposes an amendment to the existing Industrial Planned Development (IPD) zoning to:

  • increase the depth of the mining operation to 95 feet or confining layer
  • add a new connection to Corkscrew Road
  • eliminate the condition requiring 9.5 acres of native open space
  • add the use of air curtain incinerator
  • add the use of asphalt plant
  • add the use of concrete block plant
  • add the use of ready-mix concrete plant
  • clarify condition addressing dewatering

Coming to Corkscrew? (Newberry cement plant owned by Florida Rock Industries).

Latest info:

  • Beneath the Pink Underwear - Dye injection tests in Miami-Dade surprised all the experts when it showed the water in the vicinity of public wellfields traveled 100yds in a matter of hours instead of 30 days as expected. Article by Steven Dudley - Miami New Times.
  • URGENT! It is time to speak out again! - Please Come to the Board of County Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday, June 10th at 5PM. Click the link for more details.
  • CALL TO ACTION - an open letter to friends and neighbors of the Corkscrew Road Rural Community from residents Peggy Apgar'Schmidt and Richard Schmidt. Contains a summary of the issues and arguments about mining in our neighborhood.
  • Summary of Corkscrew resident's comments and request to reconsider portions of the draft LDC rule - Peggy Apgar'Schmidt has submitted a summary of our comments at the May 22nd meeting with County staff and has asked for reconsideration of specific language in the draft LDC rules as well as a portion of the "Potential Mining Areas" map.
  • It pays to know your opponent - Westwind Corkscrew Mine is operated by Westwind Contracting, Inc out of Pembroke Park in Broward County. They have a number of high-visibility projects on the east coast.

    It also appears that the German investment firm - Naples Investment Group, Inc. - has an ownership interest in the Corkscrew mine. Here is a very rough translation of the German language web page. It is interesting to note that investors expect to begin selling limerock (in addition to fill) beginning in May 2003.
  • Mining interests consider historic Corkscrew community guilty of "residential encroachment" - Greg Stuart, Urban Planner representing Westwind Corkscrew Mine submits some interesting comments and responses to proposed changes to the Lee LDC.
  • A new potential mining area map was proposed by attorneys on behalf of mining interests at a meeting of the Executive Regulatory Oversight Committee on Wednesday, May 15th. The proposal adds about 3800 acres to the 21,000 acres currently proposed - mostly to the extreme southwest section of Lee.
  • Meeting with Lee County Community Development planners is set for Thursday, May 22nd from 6pm to 8pm at the Three Oaks Parkway Library.
  • Urgent notice of meeting changes - Peg & Rich Schmidt

How can I help?

Challenging a threat to our community's safety and quality of life requires commitment. Of course, the most important commitment needed is your time and energy; for meetings, letter writing, information gathering, communicating, and for participating in the decision-making process. Time off from work to participate in these activities will be costly for many of us, and that is appreciated by all.

It's not clear what the final financial costs will be, however it's likely they will be significant. A trust fund has been established to help distribute some of these costs. There will be a full financial accounting for those that contribute. If you feel you can contribute to the fund (any amount is fine), please make your check out to "Ralf Brookes Attorney's Trust Account" and write Corkscrew Mine Challenge in the memo section. Send checks to:

Ralf Brookes, Attorney
1217 E. Cape Coral Parkway, #107
Cape Coral Florida 33904










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